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Newstatpress is actually used by this number of sites:

NewStatPress is a new StatPress plugin for WordPress.

StatPress is a Daniele Lippi first real-time plugin dedicated to the management of statistics about blog visits.

The problem with that plugin is that the stored data will increase database size a lot and than you will not be able anymore to see realtime statistics due to 505 server error (too much server computation).

This NewStatPress will have some improvements over StatPress:

  • Uses database index to make response faster (increase index size by 80%, but response can be 50% faster)
  • Change database fields to save space (5%)
  • Use same StatPress table so you don’t lose your already collected data


  • If you use this plugin, you have to disable StatPress: never use the two plugin at the same time or you will have many troubles and wrong data collected.
  • You can go back to use StatPress but you miss all the new features.
  • This plugin born for my personal usage (I use it in 10 blogs), hope that it will be useful even for you


From version 0.9.3 the widget (with variables) uses ajax and javascript, so a user that visits your site will not be slow down by the plugin even if you have 1GB of collected data. It is fastest!!