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Unique visits of the month not accurate

I have encountered a problem with the plugin. after counting the daily unique visits I supposedly had from 1st july until now, I should have had a monthly count of about 1814.
But it only shows in ‘this month”: 2583. Also the Last month count seems to be inaccurate.
I was wondering if it would be a problem I could solve or if this is a bug?
I did all the updates necessary in wordpress. And I can’t remember if it was inaccurate before too.

7 Responses to Unique visits of the month not accurate

  1. newstatpress ha detto:


    usually you should have more daily sum of visitors that the total of month:

    DAY 1 (3 visitors):
    IP A
    IP B
    IP C

    DAY 2 (2 VISITORS):
    IP D
    IP A

    expected total month: 5

    given total of month:
    IP A,B,C,D
    so, 4

    if you get more month visits that should be something strange.

    Have you access to myphpadmin on your web space?
    if yes, I can give you more instruction for a test.

  2. joe ha detto:

    Sorry for the comment here, but I couldn’t find any way to comment on the plugin post.
    I really want to like this plugin. However I have a couple of issues with it.

    1) Google Analytics stats are very much lower that SP/NSP.

    Google: 20 Daily visits
    SP/NSP: 192 Daily visits (not counting spiders, feeds etc.)

    I could see if it was G 20, NSP 30.. But to be 170 difference is a lot.

    2) With the old SP my host disabled one of my blogs because SP was overloading the DB server with request. Hopefully this is fixed by the NSP option to only go back 3 months etc. Thanks for that…

  3. newstatpress ha detto:

    Unfortunately Google did not gives IP of his data for comparison.

    I compare the data of NSP with the one that my providers gives me about unique visitors in my sites and they are in good according (provider uses data from apache log). They use that data for gives publicity point for mantaining free the hosting, so for sure they count IP of users and not spiders or bot.

    Soon it will come the option to prune only the bot if one whant to preserve some of the old data

  4. joe ha detto:

    Maybe you can make a option in the future to Save all old data to our computer. So the plugin don’t overload the host server.

    I prefer NSP over google.

    Thanks for bringing this plugin back!!

  5. newstatpress ha detto:

    I will see if there is a simple way to export that encoded data

  6. Miguel Angelo ha detto:


    We tried to use the contact form, it didn’t work. Neither a feature request, trying the right captchas but doesn’t seem to be working well here :-(.

    This is the feature request you’d like us to help with:


    We really, really do love your stats plugin!

    There’s something I’m trying to figure out in the database. There’s no way to edit the current numbers. We’d like to import the numbers from our old counter, as need it, a lot for our sponsors (we are non profit):

    This week: 13040
    This month: 846
    Total visitors: 714632

    How can we achieve it?


  7. newstatpress ha detto:


    I get few contact form every weeks, so maybe it is a random problem.

    This features is planned for next (not bug fix) version:

    *Add option for adding a fixed number of visits for how before use another statistic plugin

    You can see the develops here:


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