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NewStatPress 1.2.6

New version is ready to downalod:

  • Fix url sanitization that break page detection

Downlaod the new version here: newstatpress.1.2.6

NewStatPress 1.2.5

New version is ready to download:

  • Fix Stored cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, find by Han Sahin of @sumofpwn
  • Avoid direct access to pages
  • Changing path detections (not support anymore WordPress 2.x or lower)
  • Fix widget variable list
  • Use javascript+ajax for variables API
  • Remove the usage of wp_load
  • Complete name conversion
  • External API via WP Ajax
  • Fix missing 2 spider images
  • Use NONCE for ajax call in variables API

Download from newstatpress-1.2.5

This is a critical Update that you must install if you did not insert the version on GitHub with the same number (1.2.5).

It contains even a rewrite of the plugin for improve the security thanks to the help of WordPress Team.

NewStatPress 1.2.4

New version is ready to download:

  • Add user message about overview loading (regarding the external api)
  • Add User information and fix display tab in Options page
  • Update Screenshot
  • Update Ip2nation definitions (16/16/2016)
  • Update fr_FR,it_IT, es_ES translation
  • Remove “Creating default object from empty value” warming
  • Add error images for an Ajax failure
  • Fix sender display bug (email notification)

Download at: newstatpress.1.2.4

NewStatPress 1.2.3

New version is ready to download:

  • Change overview loading: used the external api

Download at: newstatpress.1.2.3

PLEASE: Actvate the external API in the Option as otherwise you did not see the Overview page. Thanks

NewStatPress 1.2.2

New version is ready to download:

  • Add “wpversion” into External API
  • Add Information DB in tool menu
  • Update Screenshot
  • Update readme info
  • Fix Warning message in Dashboard
  • Remove “Empty needle” warning
  • Add spider (+1)

Download at: newstatpress.1.2.2

NewStatPress 1.2.1

New version is ready to download:

  • Add Overview Meta-boxes (free ordination + open/close)
  • Add OS (+76)
  • Add Browsers (+160)
  • Add Spiders (+25)
  • Fix email notification bug (wrong schedule)
  • Fix get_currentuserinfo() deprecated function since WP4.5
  • Change img display method of OS & Browser definitions
  • Add spiders colored agent
  • Add Hide/show spiders function in agent
  • Add message to news box when def update
  • Add technical document about External API inside “doc” folder

Download at: newstatpress.1.2.1

NewStatPress 1.2.0

New version is ready to download:

  • Fix wrong calculation of statistics variation
  • Update ‘Notification boxes’ behavior
  • Add OS (+34)
  • Add Browsers (+20)

Download at: newstatpress.1.2.0

NewStatPress 1.1.8/11.9

New version is ready to download:

* Avoid the use of JQuery to prevent conflict with other themes/plugin

  • Add ‘from’ option in email notification tab
  • Add option for adding a fixed number of visits for how before use another statistic plugin
  • Add pickaday for export tool (
  • Add filename field for export tool
  • Add file extension field for export tool
  • Add autosave function for export tool
  • Add ressources tab in Credits page
  • Fix title with spaces visualization in widget
  • Fix wrong display in Credits page
  • Update fr_FR and it_IT translation

Download at: newstatpress.1.1.9

NewStatPress 1.1.7

New version is ready to download:

  • Added Icons on database tools
  • Update CZ translation thanks to Petr Janda
  • Update FR translation
  • Fix Export dysfunction in database tools (‘right’ issue)
  • Fix Export dysfunction in database tools (‘date’ issue)

Download at: newstatpress.1.1.7

NewStatPress 1.1.5/1.1.6

New version is ready to download:

  • Double the length of email address
  • Changes hooks for emails to avoid possible conflict with other plugins
  • Fix email notification bug
  • Update IT translation

Download at: newstatpress.1.1.6