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NewStatPress 0.2.2

New version is ready to download:

  • Add source for Simplified Chinese translation (thanks to Christopher Meng)
  • Fix nb_NO over no_NO locale
  • Lots of php warnings fixed in source

Download the plugin newstatpress-0.2.2

4 Responses to NewStatPress 0.2.2

  1. ice00 ha detto:

    some people have errors like this with this version:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by …

    I’m looking for the solution as the problem did not manifest in all my sites I use with the plugin.


  2. newstatpress ha detto:

    If you have the same problem, just delete the newstatpress plugin directory and activate the old version until a fix is ready (maybe for this night)

  3. Vizor ha detto:

    The file “plugins/newstatpress/newstatpress.php” contains empty lines after php end tag, just removed this lines to fix error.

  4. newstatpress ha detto:

    Yes, you should use the versione 0.2.3 that has already the fix in it. Thanks

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