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NewStatPress 1.1.4

New version is ready to download:

  • Add email notification options
  • Add Notice Message Box
  • Add OS (+6), Browsers (+5), Spiders (+197)
  • Add language flag and status on ‘Credits’ page
  • Add Activation of sum option for variable %mvisits%, %wvisits% and %totalvisits%
  • Add Settings link in extensions page
  • Add control routine for old WP version
  • Add Internalization for shortcode
  • Change IP detection for better results behind proxy
  • Change ‘Options’ Page code : major improvements
  • Change ‘Credits’ Page code : use of json
  • Update Spiders images (+3)
  • Update locale fr_FR, it_IT, pl-PL, es_ES
  • Fix bug for shortcode
  • Fix Memory size : >0.5 Mb free
  • Fix HTML cleanup
  • Fix Readme.txt

Download the plugin: newstatpress.1.1.4

2 Responses to NewStatPress 1.1.4

  1. Alex ha detto:

    Will you mind fix windows phone & windows mobile user wrong count as Android Linux user ??

  2. newstatpress ha detto:


    could you help us in sending the agent string you get invalid?


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