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Gravatar (73) ice00
Sun, 16 December 2012 09:03:20 +0000
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Try with this: xx.xx.xx.xx/31
and let me know if working


(72) Erwin
Fri, 14 December 2012 15:16:07 +0000

Thanks for the nice plugin.

I've a question. Is it possible to ignore also single ip addresses? I tried xx.xx.xx.xx/32 to ignore a single address, but it doesn't seem to work.

Best regards,

Gravatar (71) ice00
Sun, 25 November 2012 11:42:07 +0000
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This is derived by Statpress origin:

Little example with short numbers:



4 unique visitors


4 unique visitors

so, you expect 8 total visitors into this two days month.

But look of unique ip in the month:

you get 6 total unique visitors into the month.

This is the origin of what you get.

Maybe this can be corrected.

(70) Alexander
Sun, 25 November 2012 10:17:26 +0000

It was 120 visitors on first day of month, and 115 visitors on second. NewStatPress shows 170 total visitors this month (115 + 120 170). How could it be?

(69) bokij
Wed, 21 November 2012 09:10:16 +0000
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Great plugin thanks

Gravatar (68) ice00
Tue, 6 November 2012 20:42:44 +0000
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you have to use CIDR notation, so:


where kk determine the range of address to ignore

For this point I have to make some more test


(67) cipher
Tue, 6 November 2012 20:11:06 +0000


I'm using this plugin conveniently.

Today, there are two questions.

1. I have been an attempt to exclude IP address, I do not go well.
     In the column of "IP addresses to ignore", I would enter the IP address of mine (XX.XX.XX.XX), after all, would have been logging.

How do I, IP address multiple ( XX.XX.XX.XX, YY.YY.YY.YY) the
Will we be able to exclude during logging?

2. When logging,
Why can not NewStatspress get only the parameters of the HTTP variable REQUEST_URI as urlrequested?

When I look at the analysis results,
     "Http://" and "" becomes the same view, which one is what, I can not determine . Will you not be able to log it separately?

Sorry to trouble you, please give me your reply.

(66) Renato
Mon, 8 October 2012 00:10:14 +0000
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yes, you're right. The WP don't recognize the country/language at all. Sorry for my question. Maybe, in the future WP can guess what country the visitors come!

Thank you!

Gravatar (65) ice00
Sun, 30 September 2012 13:06:53 +0000
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the choosing of locale is done by WordPress itself, newstatpress plugin only gives some locale to use, if a translation is available.

In that case there is the pt_BR but not the pt_PT available in the plugin.

Have you tha same problem with other plugins or not?

Maybe having a pt_PT to add maybe could be an help

(64) Renato
Sun, 30 September 2012 12:45:09 +0000
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My website run with pt_BR (Brazil) but all the stats are marked like pt_pt (Portugal). Is it a way to change this stat? Same thing occurs also with spanish visitors that the plugin see like they are coming from Spain but I've a lot of visitors from South America.

Thank you for the plugin.


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