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NewStatPress 1.2.6

New version is ready to downalod:

  • Fix url sanitization that break page detection

Downlaod the new version here: newstatpress.1.2.6

NewStatPress 1.2.5

New version is ready to download:

  • Fix Stored cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, find by Han Sahin of @sumofpwn
  • Avoid direct access to pages
  • Changing path detections (not support anymore WordPress 2.x or lower)
  • Fix widget variable list
  • Use javascript+ajax for variables API
  • Remove the usage of wp_load
  • Complete name conversion
  • External API via WP Ajax
  • Fix missing 2 spider images
  • Use NONCE for ajax call in variables API

Download from newstatpress-1.2.5

This is a critical Update that you must install if you did not insert the version on GitHub with the same number (1.2.5).

It contains even a rewrite of the plugin for improve the security thanks to the help of WordPress Team.

Security exploit fount

A security exploit was found by Han Sahin of

It probably tooks a month to fix all the staff related to that, so you should disable the plugin for being protected.

You could ckeck the Git repository for daily works and eventully for use the code as soon as it is fixed.



[Update] You can use the current build that fix the exploite: newstatpress-master

Install it as soos as possible.

NewStatPress 1.2.4

New version is ready to download:

  • Add user message about overview loading (regarding the external api)
  • Add User information and fix display tab in Options page
  • Update Screenshot
  • Update Ip2nation definitions (16/16/2016)
  • Update fr_FR,it_IT, es_ES translation
  • Remove “Creating default object from empty value” warming
  • Add error images for an Ajax failure
  • Fix sender display bug (email notification)

Download at: newstatpress.1.2.4

Overview and External API

With version 1.2.3 even Overview is working as for Dashboard with the External API.

You need to activate External API in order to see the Overview as before.

Please refer into this image on how to achive it (the Key is Random and generated with the apposite key):

External API activation

External API activation

Remember that we are working for using the External API in all part of the plugin for speed up generation of page


NewStatPress 1.2.3

New version is ready to download:

  • Change overview loading: used the external api

Download at: newstatpress.1.2.3

PLEASE: Actvate the external API in the Option as otherwise you did not see the Overview page. Thanks

NewStatPress 1.2.2

New version is ready to download:

  • Add “wpversion” into External API
  • Add Information DB in tool menu
  • Update Screenshot
  • Update readme info
  • Fix Warning message in Dashboard
  • Remove “Empty needle” warning
  • Add spider (+1)

Download at: newstatpress.1.2.2

NewStatPress 1.2.1

New version is ready to download:

  • Add Overview Meta-boxes (free ordination + open/close)
  • Add OS (+76)
  • Add Browsers (+160)
  • Add Spiders (+25)
  • Fix email notification bug (wrong schedule)
  • Fix get_currentuserinfo() deprecated function since WP4.5
  • Change img display method of OS & Browser definitions
  • Add spiders colored agent
  • Add Hide/show spiders function in agent
  • Add message to news box when def update
  • Add technical document about External API inside “doc” folder

Download at: newstatpress.1.2.1

NewStatPress 1.2.0

New version is ready to download:

  • Fix wrong calculation of statistics variation
  • Update ‘Notification boxes’ behavior
  • Add OS (+34)
  • Add Browsers (+20)

Download at: newstatpress.1.2.0

NewStatPress 1.1.8/11.9

New version is ready to download:

* Avoid the use of JQuery to prevent conflict with other themes/plugin

  • Add ‘from’ option in email notification tab
  • Add option for adding a fixed number of visits for how before use another statistic plugin
  • Add pickaday for export tool (
  • Add filename field for export tool
  • Add file extension field for export tool
  • Add autosave function for export tool
  • Add ressources tab in Credits page
  • Fix title with spaces visualization in widget
  • Fix wrong display in Credits page
  • Update fr_FR and it_IT translation

Download at: newstatpress.1.1.9