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Last search keywords not updating

My “last search keywords” section is stucked in feb 27th, 2016.

Maybe it is my own error, maybe it is a external change in search engines behaviour…

Any help would be welcomed. Thanks a lot for such an awesome plugin!

3 Responses to Last search keywords not updating

  1. newstatpress ha detto:


    Unoftunately Google (but maybe all other search enginee has follow it) did not put search keyboards to the url like before for privacy reason.
    So this features is something gone 🙁

  2. NaijaForum ha detto:

    is this plugin still active, the last update was 10months ago and search for it in wp repository via plugin add page not found? kindly help with new info. thanks

  3. newstatpress ha detto:


    yes it is still active and should be on in repository

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