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newstatpress is making a call which is then timing out.

newstatpress plugin which is making a call to which is then timing out.

With the plugin enabled page load time can be anything from 10 seconds to never but with the plugin disabled page load returns to normal.

I have confirmed this with p3-profiler.

This was not a problem I experienced with 0.6.4

7 Responses to newstatpress is making a call which is then timing out.

  1. newstatpress ha detto:

    I hope to have a fix within this day

  2. David Romano ha detto:

    Good luck with the fix – we have never had a problem with NewStatPress before and we rely on it totally for our site stats.

    As far as we can tell the impact of the issue seems most pronounced on our http// website than on our website – the difference between the sites is that the French Mortgage website is larger than the Italian Mortgage website. Interestingly the Italian Mortgage website is using a light weight responsive template whilst the French Mortgage website is running a heavy weight but very stable Striking template.

    If it would help I can send you the comparative timings from p3-profiler of the impact of NewStatPress and I’d be happy to send you befor and after timings for the bug fix release when it’s available.

    Ciao, Davide

  3. newstatpress ha detto:

    You can sent the timing at ice00 []

    I see that different templates has different result.
    Maybe the way a page is built can increase the problem.

  4. David Romano ha detto:

    I have sent you sample results for with and without the plugin version 0.6.5 enabled under WordPress 3.5.2.

    The time it takes for the call to timeout seems variable between a few seconds and around 30 seconds – we don’t understand why there is this variability.

    We have also tried the same test on our beta test website for the new beta version of the Striking template (Striking-r beta 0.977) which is a complete recode to make the template responsive. Using this template the the timeout delay appears to be slightly shorter but not statistically significant.

    As far as we can tell from the server behaviour the problem seems to be this call which always times out.

    Ciao, Davide

  5. David Romano ha detto:


    It looks as though the problem is not your plugin but a problem with which appears to be affecting users of many other plugins. I found a lot of people reporting simillar issues by Googling wordpress.cloudapp.#net

  6. newstatpress ha detto:

    Yes, but is something related to the new version of wordpress.
    Mi sistes with old WP release have not problems even actually.

  7. Davide Romano ha detto:

    The updated version 0.6.7 provides excellent performance and completely fixes the problem. You can see proof of how fast it is by visiting – absolutely no delay.

    Well done Stefano, and thanks for a great plugin, Davide

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