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Php WARNINGS after update !

– i use a custom “wp-content” dir with is “content”

After an update, newstatpress have some problems with my custom wp-content dir.

It seems that MY CUSTOM “WP-CONTENT” path is not correctly set inside NewstatPress.

I have a lot of php WARNINGS like this:

Warning: include(/xxxxxxxxxxx/wp-content/plugins/newstatpress/includes/charts.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /xxxxxxxxxxx/content/plugins/newstatpress/newstatpress.php on line 14



I think you can easily fix this by using :
include WP_CONTENT_DIR …………….. charts.php

instead of :
include ABSPATH.’wp-content…………..charts.php’;

Thanks again for your great job,
I hope to give to newstatpress a new improved french translation.


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