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This feature request has been deleted, I suggest it again (was ID: 243 Status: Open Version: 0.4.4 Report Date: 2 September 2012 Product: NewStatPress)


I strongly suggest the “Top Keywords” widget that would display the top keywords used to reach the blog from Google, Yahoo and Bing visitors. This would probably have a great SEO positive effect.

This widget would be inspired by this deprecated widget :

The concept would be : “One interesting thing is that seach engines see the search terms, which leads to more people hitting the pages based on the search terms from previous surfers. If one of the terms is a popular search, it leads to more searches. Very quickly the top keywords are sending you traffic for things that may have appeared on the list accidentally at first. There is a positive feedback loop.”

One Response to Top Keywords Widget

  1. newstatpress ha detto:

    I implement into 0.5.2 the %topsearch% that give the best search terms used.

    It is not as the suggested plugin, but it a esay way to implement it without compromise speed of executioon

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