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URL Parameters

In Newstatpress Overview and the Latest Referrers section, it is showing some URLs with strange characters at the end of the url like:

When I click on those urls the page doesn’t exist. I cannot find what is causing those URL parameters. I installed Google Analytics and do not see any of those URL parameters. Are those strange characters added by Newstatpress? If so, why? How do I remove them?

One Response to URL Parameters

  1. newstatpress ha detto:


    during this month there are many attacks to the WordPress sites, so it is possible that NewStatPress are registering some malformed URL passed by attacker that try to break the site.

    Newstatpress itself did not add information from the collected URL, so that was passed by the user that access the site.

    If you can, please send a scrennshot at [email protected] and if you have access to PHP admin, look at wp_statpress table for that enties and include them in a screnshot.


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