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NewStatPress 0.1.0

The first version of the NewStatPress plugin is now released with this features over StatPress:

  • Adds index onto Statpress 1.4.1 table for improve velocity
  • Changes data type of some fields for saving space
  • Let the images to be visible even for relocated blog
  • Makes the update of search engine more quick

Download the plugin newstatpress-0.1.0.

2 Responses to NewStatPress 0.1.0

  1. newstatpress ha detto:

    Due to many copy and paste of the code from my local testing enviroment and production one, the translations files were not putted into final release for mistake.

    This will be fixed into the next one. Sorry.

  2. newstatpress ha detto:

    I see that there is some problems with timestamp in database. Even if it is written it stay to a null value.
    This means that online statistics like the number of user online are always 0.

    The timestamp information is a redundance one used just for better query performance. It can always be rebuild from date and time that are stored correctly into the database.

    So attend the next version for fixind this problem.

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