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[TUTORIAL] Make Widget like in this site

Many people ask me how to make have the Newstatpress information in the side Widget like the one you can see in this site.

It is very simple: you have to use HTML.

You can use all the HTML potential (insert tables…) ๐Ÿ™‚

For example, here the text I put inside the widget in this site:

<li>Visitors online: %visitorsonline% </li>
<li>Today visits: %visits%</li>
<li>Total page visits: %thistotalvisits%</li>
<li>Total site visitors: %totalvisits%</li>
<li>Your ip: %ip%</li>
<li>Your browser: %browser%</li>
<li>Your os: %os%</li>

16 Responses to [TUTORIAL] Make Widget like in this site

  1. Cees Brandsma ha detto:

    Many thanks, I started the NewStatPress today on our website and inserted the widget. Looking great, again many thanks.

  2. Geo ha detto:

    Hello, I tried all possible and fail to make me appear one above the other as on your site.

    ย  Look at this link as it appears: …

    Can you give me a solution that can not do it, I copied the HTML code and I do not miss.

    Thanks and look Response

  3. newstatpress ha detto:

    Sorry, the HTML codes were altered by WP editor. Now it is in good format.

  4. Winny ha detto:

    I have been using newstatpress widget happily until recently I realized that the stats were not displaying correctly on my sidebar. I copied to HTML again and it is still not working. Does it take awhile for it to become effective or something? The newstatpress within my dashboard seems to work fine. Really appreciate your help.

  5. newstatpress ha detto:

    Did you see a – instead of number?
    If so that variable is a one that use ajax and Api call for an ayncronous visualization.
    It will be popolated by values when the API call get a result.

    If you want to test by hand, insert this in a browser:“;

    you will see the total visits display in the page.

    Try to modify the domain name with your site and see what comes out for you.

    I see that some people has change the standard permission of WordPress direcory, so they get a Permission Denied message insteda of the API result.

  6. Winny ha detto:

    Hi, I just don’t see any numbers at all from the widget, even though I can still see all the stats in the control panel. So I don’t see a “-“. If the problem is change in standard permission of WordPress directory. How do I fix it? Sorry I am not very good with tech things, you may have to break it down for me. Really appreciate your help. Thanks

  7. newstatpress ha detto:

    if you do in a browser


    where YOURSITE is your site address with the path to wordpress installation, what did you see a video?

    I don’t think it is a permission problem otherwise you should have change them as Wodpress installation use a standard permission scheme.

    If you want, use the contact form and send me your site address so I can check the ajax call with developer instrument into the browser

  8. werw ha detto:

    I have the Problem with the “_” in the Widget, no number is to see.
    Am I Administrator an in the dashbord, I can see all numbers in the Widget.
    I make what you have wrote to Winny an there I can see the number.
    Now, what can I do to show the numbers for Visitors of my website?
    Please write in simple english, thank you.
    With best regards werw

  9. newstatpress ha detto:

    dashbord did not use ajaxx actually (it will be used in future, like all the other stuff).

    If you have the widget active, please post your site using the Contact form (if you don’t whant to make it public here) so I can see with developer instrument what the ajax call return.


  10. Martin ha detto:

    Hi I’ve added the html to a text widget on the contacts page but the widget doesn’t seem to recognise the Newstatpress variables (the Newstatpress plugin is installed and the the theme is comodo by Natty.


  11. newstatpress ha detto:


    be sure to use the Newstatpress Widget, not a generic Text widget for inserting the variables

  12. Wera ha detto:

    Problem solved: the widget shows “-” because the option in the htaccess were too restricted. This can happen by using some restrict options of secutity-plug-ins.

    Thanks to Stefano for very nice helping to found the cause!!

    Best Greetings – Wera

  13. XATA ha detto:

    it not working for me… its just showing the html code as it is above…

  14. newstatpress ha detto:

    hi, please contact me using the Contact form so we can see details on mail. Thanks

  15. lyam ha detto:

    hello does the plugin newstatpress does alway exist ?

  16. newstatpress ha detto:



    unfortunately we still need lot of work for plugin reopen at WordPress (all open points into the list must be finished before have the plugin enabled).


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