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Multi-NewStatPress with Ajax Dashboard


The  near to come version 1.1.0 of NewStatPress is the first that will use the External API and Ajax for not blocking the page that it is rendering.

The first API is for showing the NewStatPress Dashboard and NewStatPress itself will use it (so you must activate External API).

Hear, instead, there is the Multi-NewStatPress that  manages lot of NewStatPress sites and shows the dashboard of all:


if you want to be notify by mail about Multi-NewStatPress, then use the Contact form and drop a message with subject MULTI-NEWSTATPRESS (you can also suggest some features you like to see in it).

Multi-NewStatPress will be selled at low prices for the people that manages lot of sites, but every functions it uses will be inside NewStatPress itself thanks to Extenal API, so if you want you can code your version of program for monitoring all your sites.

Multi-NewStatpress: dashboard example

Maybe one image should speak for itself: here there is the dashboard of Multi-NewStatPress:


Here there are tree different sites that use Newstatpress: xyz, yzh, zhx

In upper position there is the information about the latest plugin version available (it is in blue color). Clicking on details will pop up the change log of this version, so you can read what is changed.


The program will look for the actual version of Newstatpress installed into each sites and colored them as:

  • Green: it is up to date
  • Orange: it is one version below
  • Red: it is many versions below

Here, you can click in each site to access the plugin page and update that site!

Very simple 🙂