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I just make this post for introducing a new future features that will be available related to Newstatpress.

First of all I just remember that the plugin is developed in free time, so I know that many requested features are not jet coded. The important thing is that I run actually 8 sites with WordPress and of course they all use Newstatpress, so first of later they will be added.

I else like to thank the various users contribution that improve the plugin and even the donation received that has make possible to implement some little features from time to time (like the moving from old Google API to the new one).

Another feature that will be finally added soon from the list (thanks to contribution) is the ip2nation automatic installation.

But just return to the main topic.

As I manage 8 sites, I have the exigency to see in short time all the statistics about those sites in one page. I had already get some requests to automatizate some operations thrown multiple Newstatpress installation in the past, so maybe this could be a solution even for that people.

This will be a personal project (so all is made for having what I need), but I’m sure this will make happy many IT managers that manages many web sites, so I will go to make it a product that can be used by others. This means extra works for let it simple to install, add sites, and so on that will increase the needed time for realize it.

So, the project will produces:

  • Newstatpress will have an API for let export many information thrown JSON format. One can so uses that information in the way they want by external programs.
  • This will so get that the actual big Newstatpress file will be separated into some file to include.
  • An option KEY PASSWORD could be set for use the API. This means that you can choose if the information that can be exported are public or private.
  • The new web application will be made in Bootstrap technology (from a PHP page), so it will be not integrated into WordPress. However this not exclude that one can insert it inside a WordPress page using a plugin that let add a PHP code in it.
  • At beginning it will have some base information like:
    • Current official Newstatpress version available
    • Version installed into the Site X (it will be green if at same level of ufficial one, orange if it is a version below, red if it is two or more version below). I don’t be sure if I will be able to lanch a plugin updates to all the Sites from that page.
    • Dashboard graphics of every Site X
    • All others statistic will be added later.
  • For one that want to have a license of it, it will cost just 3€ for an installation (each installation can hadle all the Newstatpress sites you want to use). The program will be sent by mail.
  • Every future improved of the program will be sent by mail without any other cost. It is possible that insted the cost of program will be increased if one purchase it when it will be full of functions, but this not affect who as already purchese it at low cost.

When this will be ready?

As all is done in free time, it will need many weeks for sure.

Else some technical decisions are to be taken, like if it will need to run in a site that has WordPress installed for using his DB and user autentication or it will be created from scratch.

When ready, you will see a description here of how it works, however if you want to be notify by mail, then use the Contact form and drop a message with subject MULTI-NEWSTATPRESS (you can also suggest some features you like to see in it, or comment into this post).

WordPress 3.9

The new WordPress 3.9 has lot of changes into internal API, expecially for MYSQL.

Please attend the weekend before installing it, as I can make an update version of the plugin that fix all possible issue.